URD NGO is going to implement a new project in the framework of its strategic goals. High school students will participate in the project with the goal of promoting stewardship and appreciation for the natural world, and awareness of ecological rights.

The Turquoise Develoment Club members will discuss ecological issues and share information in English. We hope, as the project initiator, the idea of this English-speaking cabinet allows students to improve their ability to discuss ecological issues at the international level.  

The project will begin in the school year of 2018-2019.

If you are interested in our project and have further questions, please contact us.      

TD Club


Our members will have development opportunities through:
-    Learning skills such as team-work, communication and leadership skills
-    Personal development through participating in humanitarian and volunteer activities.
-    Participate in international seminars and meetings related to human rights and ecological issues
-    Be involved in Scholarship and Exchange program opportunities abroad  
We are looking for to become a youth movement in Asia and pacific region.


Torquoise is a color of green and blue mix. We know the green presents nature and ecology when the blue presents law and justice. The era that we live is in a need to mix these two colors. Because it is worldwide accepted more and more that it is not develoment if not go along with ecological requirements and it is not a democracy if not based on rule of law.

So the turquoise development will be in our young generations hand who dare rule of law and sense of ecology.


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